Yellow Brick Enterprises, LLC

Welcome to the official Yellow Brick Enterprises website.  We are a company dedicated to designing, manufacturing and providing to our customers the highest quality and most unique child safety products available today.

We are very proud to introduce our latest product - The Dog Dicer
A simple light weight hot dog slicer that is designed to cut a single hot dog into safe bite sized pieces.  Using the Dog Dicer will drastically reduce the risk of choking hazards associated with these great American classics and make them safe for children to eat, all with one quick simple motion.

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We also offer our -

kID Kards Products
kID Kards is a line of multiple Child Safety ID products - including Back Pack/Luggage Tags, ID Bracelets and Wristbands and Temporary Tattoos.  All of which are designed to provide your Vital Emergency Contact Numbers in the event that your child is injured, lost or separated from you or a guardian.  Time is of the essence when our children are in need.  kID Kards products will enable teachers, bus drivers, other parents or authorities to have the ability to contact you immediately.

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Children are our future ... let's protect that future!